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Cash back Realty / Cash back Brokerage / Cash back Real Estate for buyers 

Are you thinking about buying a home? 
If so, One Flat Fee wants to represent you in that purchase. So much so in fact, that we will pay you for that privilege. Our cash back reward program offers you the services of an experienced buyer's agent and puts cash in your pocket. Or, if you are selling a home first and then buying, you can use the cash back to further reduce our already attractive selling commissions. It is for real and not a gimmick!
How buyer's agents are compensated: 
When a home seller signs a listing contract with a REALTOR®, the contract always states the total commission to be paid by the seller and how much the seller's brokerage will pay to the cooperating buyer's agent. In other words, the commission paid by the seller compensates both the seller's agent and the buyer's agent. Therefore, as a home buyer, it is not likely you would ever be asked to pay any portion of a real estate commission.
Cash incentives and how they work: 
Recent changes to the Real Estate Act now allow licensed REALTORS® to pay cash incentives to non-licensed individuals. What this means is that if you purchase a home using a licensed REALTOR®, the brokerage is now allowed to pay you, as an incentive to get your business, a portion of their commission earned. The payment is treated as an expense to the REALTOR® and is tax free to you, the home buyer.
How you earn a cash back reward with One Flat Fee Realty: 
It's easy, when you buy a home with a One Flat Fee agent, he or she will pay you 25% or 50% of their commission earned upon closing. For example, if you purchase a home for $650,000, your One Flat agent would usually be paid $9,545 to act as your buyer's agent and, in turn, will write you a cheque in the amount of $2,386.25 (25% of $9,545) or $4,772.50 (50% of $ 9,545) when you take possession of your new home.
No strings attached: 
That's right; our buyer's cash back reward program has no conditions or fine print. You will not be restricted or penalized to a certain time line or number of home tours prior to purchasing (see packages). Additionally, you will not have to sign a buyer's brokerage agreement and contractually commit to a purchase. It's simple, use a One Flat Fee agent to buy your next home and put cash in your pocket. 

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